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Discover Lytham on foot

Date: 24-07-2013

Lytham is a beautiful place and one the best ways to discover that beauty is just by simply taking a walk around it and taking in the sights. The ever inventive local community in Lytham have created a series of local walks which take in the historic and cultural sights of the area around the South Fylde Railway Line which serves the town and they pass through all the of the local attractions, including Lytham Hall, which means that locals and visitors alike are guided around just what makes Lytham so great as a town. The walks are ongoing and would make a great way to spend a day this summer!

Also, a part of what makes Lytham so good is its community spirit and sense of togetherness - everyone likes to help each other, and that extends to customers helping out local businesses by sending their trade there instead of to the big supermarkets. This means that local areas of retailer quality, such as Clifton Walk, are able to thrive on the willingness of local people to support creative, value for money and high quality local businesses such as those in the Clifton Walk arcade.

With a variety of shops available serving everything from produce to chocolate to fashion, it's no wonder that locals love the service and products available from the retailers at Clifton Walk, and with the local walks now taking place and bringing additional footfall past the arcade there's no better time to take advantage of the high quality local retailers on your doorstep if you haven't done already.

Whether on foot, by train, car, or bus, Lytham is a great place to shop and an even better community to be a part of. Support your local retailers and visit Clifton Walk today!

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