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Historic Lytham Windmill Restored

Date: 26-07-2011

A popular and timeless Lytham landmark has thankfully been restored to its former glory this month, meaning it can continue to attract tourism and visitors to the area for years to come.

The historic Lytham Windmill, as Lytham's most famous landmark, features a seasonal museum and attracts up to 20,000 visitors every year, bringing in vital tourist trade to Lytham. After storm damage ripped off two of the Windmill's sails last year, townspeople have been anxiously awaiting its refurbishment because of the boost it gives to the local area and local businesses.

Lytham Windmill
Lytham windmill at sunset (Keith Burroughs) / CC BY-SA 2.0

And that's what successful local businesses are all about – that feel good factor. So if you're looking to sample the cultural delights of the town, then be sure to combine your visit with a trip to a historic location of a different sort – Clifton Walk! As another proudly local attraction, we take pleasure in serving the local community and being recognised as part of its regional identity, which is something that's so valuable it's priceless.

Any day out in the local area would be benefited by a trip to the centre, with its wide variety of shops to suit all ages and tastes, selling all sorts of products, from shoes and perfume to fresh farm produce and chocolates. And with Clifton Walk being just a short walk from the Lytham Windmill and its museum, and also the beachfront, you have all the elements for a great family day out within a few hundred yards of each other. What more could you ask for?

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