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Lytham Honours War Veteran

Date: 27-11-2013

In a fine show of community spirit, the people of Lytham St Anne's, with support from those travelling from across the country, paid tribute to one of Britain's war heroes who sadly died recently at the age of 99. Unfortunately, he had no one close to him who was going to attend his funeral, so a call went out in the local newspaper, which was subsequently repeated by several news agencies and through social media nationwide, meaning around 500 people turned up for his funeral in the end - many of them from the local Lytham area.

It just goes to show what the Great British Public are really made of, and here at Clifton Walk we are justly proud of our local residents who turned up in numbers to give Harold Jellicold Percival ("Coe") the send off he truly deserved. Its events like this that prove why good, close communities can never be overlooked and how we all should operate as one big, local family in the midst of our busy and sometimes in-ward looking lives. Here at Clifton Walk we salute Coe, and all those like him, who served and continue to serve in defence of our country and keep us all safe. Clifton Walk's retailers marked his funeral, and Remembrance Day on which it poignantly fell, in their own private ways.

As we look towards Christmas, remember those who fell and those who live on and ensure they have someone to spend their time with during this festive period. Here at Clifton Walk we cherish our sense of community, our tight knit spirit, and hope that we continue to serve you well into the New Year and beyond.

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