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Lytham Proms Weekend Approaches

Date: 26-07-2012

It can’t have escaped your attention that big things are happening in Lytham this summer. The recent Open Golf Championship was a roaring success, the wartime weekend and St George’s Day celebrations also bubbled nicely and the upcoming Lytham Proms will cap off an extraordinary few months for the town where national and international attention has been firmly fixed upon us.

Great opportunities to meet the country and the world like this don’t come along every week, so it’s been brilliant to see the community of Lytham welcome the world and show them our best side and the true colours of the town – which is everything that the shopkeepers in Clifton Walk have been doing, supplying visitors to the town – new and returning – with everything they need to ensure their visit to Lytham means that the North West leaves a lasting impression in their hearts.

With their great service, positive attitudes, excellent products and keen pricing, it’s been a great time for our shopkeepers to lift their own spirits and those of the town, from The Chocolate House of Lytham to Kapra and Pickles Farm Fresh Foods, each has been vying to put on the best display and service as many visitors to the area as possible.

It’s going to be hard to come back down to earth after all this excitement and hubbub, but the retailers of Clifton Walk do their jobs with duty and dignity and will be there come rain or shine every shopping day of the year. So hopefully this year of excitement will leave a lasting legacy of positivity and growth – but before that happens we’ve got a Proms Weekend to enjoy. We’ll see you there and be sure to stop off at Clifton Walk to help round your weekend off!

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