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Date: 29-05-2012

Clifton Walk offers a taste of tradition when it comes to the UK shopping experience, giving customers in the North West and particularly Lytham St Anne’s and the surrounding areas the chance to shop the way they always used to, with familiar faces serving them traditional goods. We offer a tranquil, relaxed authentic shopping arcade to the people of the Fylde Coast, where our retailers, obsessed with quality, value and valuing their place in the local community, truly live up to our billing as delivering an arcade that promises “shopping the way it used to be”.

This vision of tradition perfectly fits into Lytham St Anne’s image as a popular seaside town delivering a nostalgic view of the glorious British summer. With the attention of the country, and quite probably the world, focused on Lytham St Anne’s and its local facilities, surrounding area and shops, it is the perfect time for the retailers of Clifton Walk to shine and show a huge audience just what they and the local area are capable of. The Open Golf Tournament, a celebratory wartime weekend and the fabulous Lytham Proms will ensure that visitors flock to the region and they will be looking for the local area to live up to its billing as offering everything they need.

The retailers of Clifton Walk will be putting their best foot forward, promoting offers and specials to entice visitors towards Lytham’s traditional shops and generating interest and revenue for the local area. The Greenhalgh Craft Bakery, The Fashion Shop and Clifton Jewellers are all sure to be among the most popular destinations for visitors looking for an authentic taste of the Lytham shopping experience and perhaps something to celebrate their time in the best area of the North West.

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