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Lytham Wartime Weekend 2013

Date: 27-08-2013

The annual spectacular Lytham Wartime Weekend was, once again, a rip-roaring success, with the crowds treated to a smorgasbord of re-enactments, educational shows and performances, displays and all sorts of other World War II collectables and paraphernalia which ensured that Lytham's guests and locals alike were left suitably wowed and impressed for another year.

As ever, the increased footfall to the town had a trickle down effect for local businesses and the shops of Clifton Walk were present, as ever, to supply the wartime weekenders with their food, fashion and collectable needs for another year, putting on a fine front for local shopping in Lytham and ensuring, just like in the war, that everyone 'did their bit'.

If you happened to miss out this year, then don't worry, the Weekend will return, but the sights and sounds of Lytham are here all year round and there are plenty of other local attractions and venues to visit and experience in the mean time. Of course, as you pass through Lytham you won't receive a warmer welcome than the one you will get from the shopkeepers and traders at Clifton Walk - the real heart of shopping in Lytham.

So if you do decide to visit Lytham soon, call in and see us - we'll make sure we roll back the years and give you a shopping experience how it used to be and, hopefully, you'll become one of those visitors who seek us out year upon year as the summer spectaculars continue to draw in the crowds into all areas of Lytham.

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