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Lytham hosts Wartime Weekend

Date: 27-08-2012

With the recently finished Olympics and Diamond Jubilee still fresh in our minds, Lytham recently celebrated the Lytham Wartime Weekend. The 1940s wartime festival reminded us of just what it meant to live through the depressing times of Dunkirk right through to the euphoric re-emergence of the country with the D-Day landings and the victory celebrations which followed a year later.

It's just the latest instalment in a catalogue of events which have put Lytham on the map, not least of which was the recent Open Golf Championship. And throughout it all – the change, the excitement and the emotion – Clifton Walk and its retailers have been there to lend a hand, to get into the spirit and to supply the community and its many recent guests with whatever their hearts desired, from footwear, perfumes and chocolate, to clothes, baked goods and meat.

These events are all about bringing people together and Clifton Walk is definitely a family-oriented place where retailers all know each other, customers are made to feel welcome and the atmosphere is both pleasant and genuine. This sense of community is the primary reason why the retailers of Clifton Walk continue to act as a beacon for people to Lytham, showing them just what can be achieved with determination, old fashioned values and a commitment to hard work and ‘doing your bit’ – just like the spirit which was celebrated in the Wartime Weekend. And that is the spirit which the retailers at Clifton Walk will be looking to cherish and nurture now that Lytham has been promoted to the country and to the wider world.

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