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Lytham windmill hit by weather

Date: 27-10-2011

Once again, Mother Nature has seen fit to strike a damaging blow to one of Lytham's most iconic landmarks and so the Lytham Windmill is once again down on its number of sails. Sadly, this latest episode comes less than three months after the windmill was previously damaged by wind. Public attachment to the windmill will ensure that it is fixed again and, thanks to the work of the Lytham Heritage Group, it will hopefully continue to attract visitors to the area for years to come.

And another attraction that has been busy attracting visitors to Lytham of late is Clifton Walk. An area that continues to grow in terms of its impact and influence locally, Clifton Walk features a host of well known local names such as the Greenhalgh Craft Bakery and Passion Perfurmes, it really can claim to be “shopping how it used to be”. Local traders and shop owners are as vital a part of an area’s heritage as its architecture and local history, and shop owners are keen to stress that a little cosmetic damage to one of the area’s finest attractions won’t dampen visitors’ spirits.

And why would it? With a combination of shops, eateries and suppliers enough to make other towns green with envy, Clifton Walk continues to do a brisk trade in spite of challenging economic conditions. Shop owners put this down to their excellent prices and the relationships they have built up with customers over the years. And, after all, that’s what heritage really is – local specialities done in a special local way.

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