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Outdoor Furniture record

Date: 06-07-2009

Pagoda Furniture today reported record traffic for its website for the month of June 2009.

Its revised website was launched in April 2009 and traffic has been growing steadily with over 70,000 pages views in 3 months.

Owner of Lytham Shops, Mark Mills, is Chairman of Pagoda Furniture which sells outdoor garden furniture to retailers acorss the UK.

Pagoda is looking for outdoor garden furniture retailers to offer its high quality products to the general public, using Pagoda’s website to drive customers to the retailers’’ premises.

General Manager, Mark Traynor commented “The great weather has helped, as does the long range forecast but in truth, garden centres tell us that they are stocking Pagoda Outdoor Garden Furniture because customers are seeing it on the web then coming in specifically to buy it. We’re giving the retailers the best of both worlds by helping to take advantage of the growing internet presence whilst driving physical customers into the garden centres ensuring that they then buy more once surrounded by the retail experience.”

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