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St Georges Day Celebrations Lytham

Date: 26-04-2012

Another day of national pride has passed and once again it was marked by the people of Lytham in truly patriotic and appropriate style with enthusiasm and passion evident in all quarters. Lytham put on a display of which it, the region and the country as a whole should be proud – showing off the best of our area to all and sundry.

The boxing night was a knockout, the comedy evening was side-splitting and the lunches were first rate. Every event in the long weekend calendar was designed to pull in the crowds and maximise participation which they did, ending with the highly successful Family Fun Day on Sunday 22nd April. When you’ve got a variety of events that cater for young and old, tastes modern and more traditional, it’s no wonder that the programme went so well.

And what that meant for the local area was a boost in trade, especially for enterprising outlets like Clifton Walk, where “shopping the way it used to be” is our mantra, and something that perfectly celebrated and heralded the weekend’s arrival as a reminder of what makes, and made in the past, our country great.

Retailers from the Greenhalgh Craft Bakery to The Fashion Shop and Passion Perfumes were out in force doing a brisk trade as footfall increased and, consequently, so did revenues. If, for some reason, you missed out on the weekend, then call by Clifton Walk this week and see if you can still pick up any of our retailers special offers – celebrate your sense of community and patriotic pride with the retailers of Clifton Walk in Lytham.

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