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St Georges Day Lytham 2013

Date: 18-04-2013

St George’s Day is soon to be upon us and, as usual, the people of Lytham will no doubt be in exuberant, patriotic spirits. The annual St George’s Day festival in the town will no doubt draw in the crowds, keen to support the event and to show their support also to the traders and businesses of Lytham as spring gets into its stride and people are once again tempted out onto the shopping streets in numbers once again.

The traders of Clifton Walk will certainly be in a mood to welcome them from their excursions of live music, comedians, flag raising and dancing. With food and tasty treats to suit all tastes, gifts to suit all budgets, and curios available in all of the shops within the parade, Clifton Walk will be the ideal place for Lytham residents or day trippers to visit before, during or after the festival if they’re in need of gifts, refreshment or a change of scenery.

The Chocolate House of Lytham, Passion Perfumes, The Fashion Shop, Kapra and Pickles Farm Fresh Foods, amongst others, have become synonymous with high levels of service and excellent reputations of quality in recent years and no doubt the retailers behind these enterprises will be keen to impress visitors to the town as usual, putting on offers, tempting in the crowds, and furthering the sense of party atmosphere created by the St George’s Day celebrations within the town. Ensure your day or weekend isn’t complete without a visit to Clifton Walk – the home of shopping in Lytham.

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