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Whats on in Lytham during 2013

Date: 30-01-2013

Lytham is set for another barnstorming years in 2013 after the rip-roaring success of 2012 created headlines around the world thanks to the triumph of The Open Championship and Ernie Els’ fantastic win. The whole town and many parts of the world as a whole were captivated by his achievement.

This year we will again enjoy the delights of the fantastic Lytham Proms Festival, featuring Tony Hadley, Jimmy Somerville, Mar Almond, Heaven 17 and Odyssey, all paying tribute to the fantastic reputation and legacy of high quality live music in Lytham and on the Fylde Coast. Plus, the 1940s Wartime celebration weekend will hit us in August, providing a taste of years gone by for those who wish to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Britain in the midst of the WWII years.

Whilst all this, and plenty more, is going on, the shopkeepers of Clifton Walk will continue to provide a sterling service to locals, guests and participants throughout the year, but especially in the summer months when Lytham comes into annual focus to those from further afield. Offers and tempting treats will no doubt be out in force as the owners of Passion Perfumes, The Fashion Shop, The Chocolate House of Lytham and more will be seeking to impress the extra footfall and make a success of the year.

With hard work and determination from all involved, there is no reason that 2013 can’t go on to match and even exceed the standard set by 2012. So, rest assured, Clifton Walk will be there every step of the way. Be a part of it, and visit Clifton Walk and Lytham in 2013.

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