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That strange shop. "Megan's shop". "That weird place". "The hippy shop". These are just some of the ways that Terry and Susan Spall have heard people describe their business. When asked to describe their business themselves, they too are often stuck for a description that captures the myriad of products and ranges they have on offer.

The shop originally started out as a ladies ethnic clothing shop when Clifton Walk first opened. Terry and Susan bought the business 11 years ago and have been constantly sourcing new product lines to meet the changing needs of their customers ever since.

This is definitely a shop to idle around in, touching, feeling, hearing, seeing and smelling everything that is in there! Thankfully there are no food items, otherwise you would never get out!

On one side of the shop are beautifully displayed shelves of candles and candle holders. Amongst the easily recognised brands are: Yankee Candles, Colonial Candles and MELT Candles. These come in many shapes, sizes and even scents. To complement these, the shop has a range of essential oils, aromatherapy oils, oil burners, and high quality incense sticks. Terry and Susan are both very knowledgeable, particularly in the use of essential oils, and are pleased to offer any advice and help in choosing oils for your own personal use.

If you are using oils for relaxation purposes, you should also ask about the vast array of relaxation music that Terry and Susan have on hand. Their knowledge of each of the CDs is second to none. If you are looking for a particular piece of music, or need music to suit a particular mood or specific purpose, Terry will choose and play recommended CDs for you until you have found what you are looking for.

The shop continues to offer a variety of clothing including: ethnic styles (kaftans, tie dye, Indian cotton); gothic styles (Jordash and Darkstar) and the American-made Mountain brand tee shirts. Most of the clothing is available in free size, and many garments will fit up to plus size.

In another part of the shop, you will find Angel products: Angel pins, Angel bells, Angel bookmarks and Angel Oracle Cards. And for those of you seeking Tarot cards, there are many packs on display to choose from, and a starter pack is available for the novice Tarot reader.

Every way you turn, you find something else - buddhas, Swarovski rainbow crystals, dream catchers, bead door curtains, bath bombs, luxury hand creams.

So, maybe we can understand now why people refer to the shop by some of the names quoted in the examples above. But why "Megan's shop"? Well, Megan is Terry and Susan's pet whippet, who accompanies them to the shop - and people often pop their head in just to see her!

But don't just go to see Megan - go and have a look, a feel and a listen - and give your sense of smell a treat at the same time as you browse around the cornucopia of special delights in this truly amazing shop!

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