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Open Championship 2012

Date: 27-05-2011

It may be a year away, but the build up to the return of the Open Championship to the North West has already begun with many local businesses and retailers understandably hoping to cash in on the rise in profile and visitor numbers for the area.

The Open was last here in 2001, so 2012 marks the first time in over a decade that the gaze of the golfing and wider sporting world in general will be on Lytham. The shops down at the Clifton Walk in Lytham know this and will be gearing up in the coming months ready for July 2012.

The Open brings with it a long tradition of class, resplendence and taste – values which are epitomised and promoted by the retailers of Clifton Walk. From chocolates, to perfumes and local speciality meats, there will be plenty for fans and players alike to buy as souvenirs of their special time in Lytham. But, of course, they’re not just for 2012! These values and tempting treats will be in evidence throughout 2011 too.

Doubtless they will have special themes, offers and deals on to entice all of you in, but for now they, like everyone else in the area, will bask in the slowly building anticipation which will hopefully mean a welcome boost in sales! If you’re planning to be in the area when the Open is on, or you’re searching for some outstanding bargains from Lytham’s finest local sources, then the Clifton Walk will have plenty to entertain you once you’ve returned from

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