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Visit Pickles Farm Fresh Foods in Lytham

Date: 26-02-2011

Pickles Farm Fresh Foods is a break from the norm. The food in our world, particularly meat, is under constant pressure for size, growth and economy from the big supermarkets, which some would argue has led to a reduction in quality and taste. And that’s where local farm shops come into their own.

Like most farm shops, Pickles Farm Fresh Foods sources local meat, including from Pickles’ own farm, meaning that the journey from field to plate can often just be a few miles. Compare that with the hundreds of traumatic miles travelled by freight that a supermarket steak can often have experienced on its way to the shelves and you can see why consumers are turning in droves to shops like Pickles.

At Pickles you’ll find daily roasted chickens, cheeses and a local delicacy of Lancashire Sauce in amongst all the meats, cuts and minces that you’d expect from any quality butcher. The shop is very much a part of the community thanks to its local ownership history and so Gill and Stuart Griffiths intimately know what their customers come to expect in terms of taste and quality. They are happy to chat to customers about their cut requirements, bulk orders, recipes or anything else you’d care too mention. They know that it’s the personal touch that means people keep coming back – and once you’ve tasted their products, you’ll understand why!

So why not signal your approval for the ‘Made in Lancashire’ sign and head on down to Pickles Farm Fresh Foods – support your

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